DIY Aloe Locking Gel And Moisturizer

In my journey to find a solution to keep my locs moisturized and help control frizz I decided to make my own locking gel/ moisturizer. I wanted to be as organic as possible so I purchased an aloe leaf, used pure cocoanut oil and I must admit the rosé water is artificial because I “just didn’t have time for all that” lol. Just kidding! I should have tried harder but I was pressed at the time to get this project completed. I hope you enjoy! Please let me know if you have a good experience trying out this method or even add a few pointers. Bless.

I Have A LOC Crush!

So part of my journey is to decide what kind of locs I want to have. They are still in their infancy  and I think that I still have time to decide the way I want my locs to grow. I am toying with the idea of free forming and doing some research on … [Continue reading]

Who On God’s Green Earth Told Me To Wash My Hair

I had the ADHD bug and decided that I could't take it any longer, I needed to be able to wash my hair. I wanted to go to my loctician but our schedule never coincides. I wasn't able to feed the instant gratification that I needed. As my grand mother … [Continue reading]

My Loc Journey: A Cut free Lifestyle

This morning when I woke up I felt beautiful! It was the first time in several years that I woke up to see my natural beauty. I was sans my trusty dusty lace front. I have had natural hair for the last ten years but out of fear to be … [Continue reading]